This blog is about the life and doings of an enthusiastic team of four guys in its pursuit to build a smartphone-based robot to compete in Robotex 2011 competition.

There are four of us: Andreas, Konstantin, Reiko & Taavi, we are all university students in Tartu. Andreas just started his first year, Reiko & Taavi are master students, and Konstantin is far into his PhD studies.

The team was formed in September 2011, as we all enrolled in the “Robotex” course at the University of Tartu. None of us has had much experience in robotics before, hence we’ve learned a lot during the brief months since the start. Best of all, our robot did very well at the competition.

This blog is here to share our experiences and document the inner workings of our robot, hoping that it will be helpful to the many future students making their first steps in robotics.

As the posts on the main page are organized in a chronological order, it might be more convenient to start reading from the table of contents page.

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